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The Other People is a jazz and blues duo consisting of Americo Carrasco on piano and Bob Henderson on drums. They play original compositions and jazz standards with their own unique style. Americo and Bob describe their sound as "free form jazz," with an emphasis on improvisation. They have even been known to create new songs during performance with one look at each other, they can take a beat and make it a song.

Americo is a native of Hoboken, NJ. According to his mother, he started bopping along to the beat before he was born. He started playing piano as a child, and joined Pegasus, his first rock band, at age 11. Since then he has played in many bands, and played many other types of music: rock, metal, reggae, punk. Americo was a founder of the River Rats, and sat in many times with the Workdogs, an improvisational rock band, at various East Village bars. He was mostly self-taught, but in his mid-20s, he decided to learn the theory behind the music. Americo enrolled in the Mannes College of Music in New York, where he earned a diploma in Jazz Piano. He and his wife moved to Danbury in 1991, while he was still in school. Besides leading The Other People, Americo plays with the reggae band Respect Due. In addition, he is the subject of the short documentary film "always a pleasure", about his life in music, and a two-minute movie, "Requiem for Piano". Both can be found at In late October "always a pleasure" will be screened as part of the Bethel Film Festival. Americo lives in New Milford, Connecticut, with his wife and son.

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Equal Opertunity

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